Some beetroot a day…

…helps thin your bile making detox a lot more efficient! This in turn helps improve digestion, energy, skin health, balance hormones and prevent illness and disease. Also brilliant for balancing blood pressure in the body. A little of this beetroot & ginger pickle added to meals is an easy way to get it into your daily diet.


Beetroot & Ginger Pickle

4-5 medium-large beets, cooked, peeled & sliced

500ml water

200g sugar

200ml apple cider vinegar

1 tbsp grated ginger

1. Dissolve the sugar in the water in a pan over a low heat.

2. Add in the apple cider vinegar and the ginger.

3. Place the sliced beets in a large sterilised jar and pour the liquid over them; give a little stir to distribute the ginger.

4. Allow to cool and store in the fridge or a cool room.

beetroot pickle