Quality Sea Veg Nori Flakes


Apparently seaweed is the new kale – or so I read in a weekend magazine! In any event, it is a great source of iodine and iodine appears to be a nutrient we are quite deficient in in Ireland. Thyroid conditions are rife, possibly due to the addition of fluoride to the tap water (fluoride can block iodine absorption in the body), making iodine a much needed nutrient. More and more health professionals are testing for a deficiency and finding extremely low levels linked with an array of metabolic disorders such as fatigue, hormonal imbalance, digestive disturbances and low immunity.

Traditionally in places like the Aran Islands, large amounts of seaweed were added to the soil to fertilize it and therefore enrich the quality of the vegetables grown. Sadly, this is rarely the case nowadays and as a result, it has become necessary to increase our intake of iodine-rich foods such as sea-food and sea vegetables. I usually recommend 1-2 servings of shell-fish such as prawns, oysters or mussels per week to my clients and maybe 1-2 additional servings of wild white fish such as hake. I also recommend this great Nori Flakes product from Quality Sea Veg, it can be added to practically any savoury dish from scrambled eggs to stews and soups. It is widely available from most health food stores or from their website: http://qualityseaveg.ie/Nori-Flakes-20g and is a snip at only €2.75 for 20g.

Note: If you are concerned about your thyroid or currently taking thyroid medication then it is important to check with your doctor before taking a product rich in iodine.