Nutrition & Cookery Posters

Nutrition Charts

Nutrition charts and materials devised and written by Lynda McFarland, with original watercolour illustrations.

The Healthy Eating Plate. Chart showing food group proportions in a healthy meal. Includes healthy eating tips and meal suggestions

Chart 1

The Healthy Eating Food Plate

This is an updated version of the food pyramid with recommendations on how much carbs/fibre, protein and fat to have on your plate along with good quality sources, healthy eating tips, meal & snack suggestions and recipes.

Herbs & Spices - chart showing common herbs and spices including info about their medicinal properties.

Chart 2

Herbs & Spices

This is a very useful chart to have in any kitchen, it contains illustrations of common herbs and spices e.g. ginger, cumin, tarragon, parsley etc. along with their medicinal properties (they not only add flavour but are wonderful digestive and immune boosting aids to boot!) and tips on how to use them in your cookery.

Medicinal Foods - Chart showing A-Z of common conditions and foods that may help.

Chart 3

Medicinal Foods

This is an A-Z of common conditions e.g. poor digestion, low immunity, hormonal imbalances etc. and the corresponding beneficial foods that may help.

Nutrition Charts

Lynda’s original, informative and easy-to-follow charts are available here. Each set comprises of the 3 charts with original watercolour illustrations shown left. Simply choose the quantity you require from the dropdown menu below.


210mm x 594mm, gloss laminated both sides.


€18 for a set of charts, which includes P&P.

Together with a great local artist I designed this range of nutrition posters suitable for display in kitchens, offices, waiting rooms or even bathrooms, as one client informed me she has done! They are informative, easy to follow, pleasing to look at and most importantly, a constant reminder to eat well I give these charts to clients who come to visit for nutrition consultations along with additional personalized information but I also sell them online, in health stores, pharmacies and at seminars and workshops.