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What TO Eat

There is so much talk at the moment about what NOT to eat – gluten, wheat, dairy, sugar, meat – and it seems nutritionists in the media have become defined by what they avoid rather than what they encourage. Surely we should be embracing food as one of life’s pleasures and encouraging high quality, ethically Read the full article…


Food & Mood

I received a phone call this morning from a local radio station asking me to speak about a protest in Portlaoise Prison in relation to the prisoners not having access to gluten-free food. So I told the researcher I would Google the article that was in this morning’s paper and get back to him. I Read the full article…

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Food As It Should Be

GMO’s fed to livestock and farmed fish, herbicides and pesticides sprayed on grains, vegetables and fruit – isn’t it time we connected the dots and explored why our food is no longer agreeing and nourishing us and posed the question that maybe what has become known as “conventional” farming methods designed to kill other living Read the full article…


Everyday Energy Boosters: Nature’s Multi-Vitamins

1. Squeeze fresh oranges every day – high in vitamin C and magnesium, oranges are great for energy and boosting the immune system. 2. Grow parsley – herbs are easy to grow, add heaps of flavour to meals and contain massive amounts of nutrients. Flat-leaf parsley is delicious and really is nature’s equivalent of a Read the full article…

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NY Times: A Cure for the Allergy Epidemic

A great article from the New York Times by By MOISES VELASQUEZ-MANOFF that may help explain the rise in allergies: our move away from farming and agriculture to more sterile environments. What prompts some immune systems to err like this, while others never do?


Something in our tap water?

I’ve a real bee in my bonnet about the fluoridation of our water right now; partly because of the impending water charges but mostly because, since returning to Ireland, I have been stunned by the frighteningly high prevalence of thyroid disorders and autistic and cancer cases I am seeing amongst the people I work with. Read the full article…

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Winter Nourishment & Comfort Eating!

For some reason, this winter seems to have prompted a greater number of people to get in touch regarding symptoms of low mood, anxiety, low energy and poor immunity so I am going to give a few tips for getting through the cold, dark months with a smile on your face! Listen to your body Read the full article…

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Ginger Pickle for Good Digestion

This is an old Ayurvedic remedy that really helps improve digestion and gut immunity; try taking a half hour before meals. Juice of half a lemon 1 teaspoon of local honey Half a teaspoon of grated ginger Pinch of sea-salt Warm water Combine everything together and enjoy as a digestive tonic before meals. This can Read the full article…