About Lynda

Thanks for taking the time to visit my website. You will be able to find lots of really nutritious, simple and – hopefully – tasty recipes as well up-to-date research and information on how nutrition and the food you eat can make a huge impact on your state of physical and mental health. 

A little note about me…I returned to college to study nutrition in 2005 and subsequently trained as a chef after developing an immense interest in how the food we eat can affect our mood, energy, sleep, hormones, skin, weight and the overall health of every organ and system in the human body. I had, at this stage, already discovered that the food I had eaten and the lifestyle I had lead had contributed greatly towards my own health issues back in my early 20’s. 

As a nutrition and food consultant, I work with individuals and groups to help improve their state of health, and with restaurants and food producers to help improve the nutritional content of their offerings. The nutritional benefits, the flavour and the enjoyment of food are all equally important to me and as such, I encourage all my clients to develop a passion for sourcing, preparing and tasting good quality foods.

The recipes on this site take into account the time and financial restrictions we are all faced with these days and so, they are all very quick to prepare and don’t include any overly expensive ingredients (in fact, some such as nettles and dandelions are completely free!). My recipe section is entitled “Make Your Own” and the recipes are nutritious versions of popular, everyday foods, meals, snacks and drinks. If we make our own versions then we know exactly what is going into them and we can control our sugar, salt, trans fat and additive/preservative intake easily.

The articles on this site will hopefully help to educate readers about good nutrition and give them some tools to take responsibility for their health – no-one knows their body better than themselves so educating oneself and taking responsibility is key. 

Hope you find the site useful,