A Carrot A Day!


I first read about the benefits of eating a daily raw carrot a couple of years ago and I have been recommending it to many of my clients ever since. I see a lot of women, in particular, who often experience the following symptoms simultaneously: coated tongue, thrush, poor digestion / gut dysbiosis, lowered immunity and hormonal imbalance.

Believe it or not, the humble carrot can do a great deal to address many of these symptoms. Carrots contain a unique fibre that acts as a wonderful prebiotic food which in turn helps us to formulate our own natural probiotics in the gut. This action helps to improve immune function and liver detoxification which goes a long way to help re-balance hormones in the body.

Ray Peat PhD has written a great number of articles on the benefits of a daily carrot: “One vegetable has a special place in a diet to balance the hormones, and that is the raw carrot. It is so nearly indigestible that, when it is well chewed or grated, it helps to stimulate the intestine and reduce the reabsorption of estrogen and the absorption of bacterial toxins. In these effects on the bowel, which improve hormonal balance, a carrot salad resembles antibiotic therapy, except that the carrot salad can be used every day for years without harmful side-effects. Many people find that daily use of the raw carrot eliminates their PMS, headaches, or allergies. The use of oil and vinegar as dressing intensifies the bowel-cleansing effect of the salad. Coconut oil is more germicidal and thyroid promoting than olive oil, but a mixture of coconut and olive oil improves the flavor. Lime juice. salt, cheese and meats can be used to vary the flavor.”

Full article here: http://www.functionalps.com/blog/2012/09/28/ray-peat-phd-on-the-benefits-of-the-raw-carrot/