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Make Your Own Probiotics

Probiotics literally mean “good bacteria” and they are essential to good health, a well functioning immune system and disease prevention. My kitchen has become something of a fermentation station in recent months as I have been experimenting more and more with traditional methods of getting good bacteria into the gut. I have a good friend Read the full article…

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Nutrition & Health

Food As It Should Be

GMO’s fed to livestock and farmed fish, herbicides and pesticides sprayed on grains, vegetables and fruit – isn’t it time we connected the dots and explored why our food is no longer agreeing and nourishing us and posed the question that maybe what has become known as “conventional” farming methods designed to kill other living Read the full article…

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De-Stressing & Nourishing Our Bodies

The longer I work as a nutritionist and the more clients I see, the more convinced I am that disease and cancer have a direct link with stress. Stress affects our systems hugely and comes in various guises. Recognising what causes stress on a personal level and combatting it is paramount to good health and Read the full article…


Great Food & Restaurants

Brilliant Bread from Riot Rye

The best, most easily digestible bread is without doubt a good sourdough produced by a master baker who knows exactly how to get the best results from his dough. Joe Fitzmaurice from the “Blazing Salads” Fitzmaurice family is one such baker and luckily for the rest of us, Joe has a dream to get every Read the full article…

Welcome to Recipe for Energy

Lynda McFarland – Nutritionist & Chef

recipe for energy Welcome to Recipe for Energy.
I 100% agree with the old adage “you are what you eat” but the problem nowadays is that most people don’t know what to eat! There are so many conflicting messages in the media and amongst nutritionists and health professionals and, to top this off, a lot of food is processed to such an extent that the enzymes are destroyed and the body can’t do anything with it, let alone digest and absorb its nutrients. Rather than depress the people I work with by advising on a long list of foods to EXclude, I prefer to keep it positive and concentrate on what foods to INclude…and there are lots!

I am a big fan of traditional farming and preservation methods, and traditional processes to make food more digestible. I recommend organic veg, dairy, eggs and meat, sourdough breads, raw local honey, using the whole animal such as offal and bones for broth and fermented foods such as sauerkraut, apple cider vinegar, yoghurt and kombucha. I think tropical fruits are a great source of enzymes and are highly digestible.

The areas I like to work on are prevention of diseasedigestion, immunity, weight control and energy levels and I find, once given the right foods and nutrients, the body is amazing at naturally healing itself and bouncing back.